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Germantown Art & Sound October 2023 Event Photos

As the year winds down and the autumn leaves start to fall, the Germantown Art & Sound Event delivered a grand finale at the Our House Culture Center on Saturday, October 27th. It was a night of artistic brilliance and soulful melodies, leaving attendees with a sense of wonder and inspiration.

The final Germantown Art & Sound Event of 2023 featured a phenomenal lineup to close the year off. The lineup included painters Nevaeh Ryals, Dollie Michelle, and Mike Nixon. For the first time this year, Art & Sound featured a ceramics artist, Kenni Field. We also featured rug artist Talyyn Kiara of TK Tuftz. This cohort of artists transformed the Our House Culture Center into a gallery of innovation and ingenuity.

Velvet Gruve joined the show for a third time in a row. The funk band added a new act to the show by incorporating hip-hop samples into their live performance. Velvet Gruve supported Philadelphia singer Cheri in her Germantown Art & Sound debut. She sang covers of neo-soul queens Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, and also sung a few of her own original tracks. We ended the night with the signature “What’s Your Vibe” Playlist and of course we line danced until the event concluded!

Curated by a talented team of individuals, including Vanessa Chandler, Courtney Childs (Our House Culture Center), Keisha Whatley(Germantown ArtHaus), and Julian Moore-Griffin.The event brought together a remarkable ensemble of artists and musicians who left the Germantown community awestruck.

The October Germantown Art & Sound Event of 2023 was an incredible finale, showcasing the incredible talent that resides within the community.Until next year, Germantown!


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