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Germantown Art & Sound January 2024 Event

GERMANTOWN ART & SOUND IS BACK!!!! We kicked off the new year with an amazing event on January 26, 2024. It was the first gathering of the year and it set the bar high for what's to come in 2024!

The event showcased the work of five incredible visual artists, each with their own unique style.

Kelley Prevard, a jersey girl, but she's in Philly now! Kelley is a painter and muralist from Atlantic City, NJ, displayed surrealistic portraits celebrating the beauty of black people. Her art challenged traditional norms, showcasing diversity in portraiture.

Salma Garcia-Nolasco, a painter and textile designer, blended science fiction and indigenous culture in her work. Her pieces transported the audience to imaginative worlds, exploring the intersection of creativity and heritage. She created mix media pieces featuring beads adding a textile feel to her paintings.

Krazed Kai, a graphic designer and illustrator, created mangas and comic books featuring black characters with influence from her religious faith. Her work emphasized the importance of representation in a genre often lacking diversity.

Cassidy Janae Carter, a photographer focused on black culture, shared her commitment to storytelling through her lens. Her photography went beyond images, capturing the narratives of black lives and celebrating their resilience. She is influenced by great photographers such as Gordon Parks and Jamel Shabazz.

Destiny Williams, aka Boujee Mustard, brought vibrant colors and pop culture influence to her photography. Her portraiture and editorial work highlighted the connection between contemporary culture and timeless beauty.

Adding to the visual experience, Philadelphia-based singer Sanovia graced the stage with her soulful voice. She performed original songs like "Therapy" and covers of popular tracks, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

The collective talent at Germantown Art & Sound showcased the diversity of Philadelphia's artistic community. From painters and muralists to graphic designers and photographers, each artist brought a unique perspective, contributing to the city's cultural tapestry.

The team of Vanessa Chandler, Courtney Childs, Keisha Whatley and myself Julian Moore-Griffin, curated another incredible event. The event highlighted that art has the power to unite, inspire, and elevate, creating a space for diverse voices. I believe there is an artistic renaissance happening in Germantown. Arts and culture is featured in so many businesses along Germantown Ave and I believe Germantown Art & Sound is one of the premiere events of the art revolution happening in this historic neighborhood in Philadelphia.